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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Monday, February 23, 2004

    Life is not that complicated.

    Time after time, we witness people who entagle themselves in situations that started off as something quite simple. Faced with a certain situation, our vision extends fixation to the barrier in front of us. We lack the ability to see past a hurtle. We lack the ability to take a bird's eye view, dis-allowing the negative circumstances to overcome the overall result. We lack the ability to visualize different results and what processes are involved to get to those results. We lack the ability to encourage ourselves and accept that the only thing that really brings us down is gravity.. the second, is ourselves. We let other people's ideology replace our own. That clouds our thoughts and we find oursleves, staring at the same situation, at the same place, no change, no difference, waiting for things to get better. Things do get better if you wait long enough. In the long-run, we're all dead.

    Life is not complicated. Do not accept that it is and it will not be. Everything happens because it is circumstantial to things that made it happen. It takes about 15 processes to produce a lemon pie. It takes another four processes to get the pie from the oven into someone's mouth. To get the lemon from the supermarket to your fridge takes 5 processes. To get the lemon from the farm to the supermarket takes another 7. It takes about 29 human processes to get a lemon from a seed. It takes just over a million natural ones. And before the seed was planted, scientists did thousands of experiments with hundreds of processes each to find the mose efficient way to produce lemons, they did this by assessing the history of the lemon itself and everything that has ever been done to a lemon. There are a few hundred natural varieties of lemon. To each natural lemon, there are at least 2 hybrids. There are more than 30 lemon varieties available for public consumption worldwide.

    A lemon looks like a pretty straight forward lemon. But to get that flavour onto your taste buds takes a maze of complicated flowcharts. What we can see, however, is that each process is pretty simple and straight forward. If we manage to break down each situation into their processes and understand the simplicity of each process, we would see that things are not so complicated afterall. Life does not become miraculously simple, but perhaps a wee bit easier to accept.