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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Tuesday, January 13, 2004

    Congradulations Mr. Christian Christian, you are finally cold. Lads and Lasses, I don't know what the temperature is out there but i am genuinely cold!! Yep Yep... perhaps coz I am not wearing too much but it really beats sweating.

    Blood test results indicate negative on further testing so my theory of diabeties and strange theiroid functions is down the drain. Thank you lord!

    There is much to be said about last week. Firstly, Lizee has finally gone back to the land of funny french and was feeling way better by the time she did. Was able to hang out a wee with her and it was good to catch up.

    This past One Eighty was on the fringe roof doe to bookings for the main bar area. The Hong Kong Arts festival is on so thats proving to be an issue with space availability. We had to strip down to bare basics and had Ann lead Nate and Derek for worship. No powerpoint and hand-outs. I have to say, THIS ONE EIGHTY WAS THE BOMB!!!

    In my usual "I have no time for blogging" attitude, I once again have no time for blogging... will blog soon... can you hold the suspense?