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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Sunday, January 04, 2004

    Christmas has come and gone and I can tell you.. not only have I put on a couple more pounds, I have received more blessings than I could have ever asked for during a period of two weeks.

    Alas, I am now in bed on a Sunday afternoon, body finally has given into Janice's bug, fever beginning to take over, TV droning me into a sort of strange "I can sleep in any position" attitude. And in reminding myself what Lizzie told me this afternoon that our blogs bless all of you who are not here to be with us, I have done a fairly pedestrian job keeping you all informed. With the help of some drugs, here it goes.

    I have decided to write about today first as it will be fairly easy and also one of the most milestoned days in The Vine's history. Today lads and lasses, dearest Tony and John were appointed Senior Pastors at out church. I can tell you the excitement was crazy, I was up all night last night getting revved up about today. The banquet hall was set up sideways to accommodate more people and it was packed.. to the chair!! Worship started with Everything that has Breath and the house was hopping in true Vine flare. So many faces I love under one single roof. Rod was MCing and got Teddy on to tell everyone a little Vine history and what we were up to today. Then Tony and John were summoned on to share their vision and the direction the church is going to go. I donno what anyone has ever thought about The Vine Centre but I can tell you all that I have never looked forward to something so much. Auditorium, Band room, Counselling rooms, 24/7, music rooms, recording studio, resource centre, offices, and even a cafe/bar. I looked around as they were listing the various attributes and I saw the various faces young and old, and thought to myself, this is a place where everyones strengths could be put to use and everyone can serve. For myself, one day I hope to be using those counselling rooms for people who need to find their place with God.. AMEN.

    Then Andrew Gardener got on and shared a message on the difference between decisions and commitment. He asked a friend who is a 747 pilot how it was like in the cockpit during take-off and began to describe some of the ins and outs, the plane pulls into the runway and the brakes switch on, the engine is gunned, breakes released, the plane jolts and increases speed and we begin to wonder if the plane is ever going to take off. The aircraft rattles because it is fighting to stay on the ground and there comes a point where it is too dangerous to stay on the ground and the aircraft has to take off and pilots name it "The Point of Total Commitment". Tony and John had made a decision to get on the runway a long time ago, and had been revved by the holy spirit. They have released the brakes and are rattling and cannot fight to stay on the ground anymore and have gone to the point of total commitment. Today they take off into the air. Friends I donno about you but I want to be this committed. I wanna take off with the holy spirit and have a life of total commitment. If there is any way for our church to be, then let it be like this, together in unity.

    The sermon was followed by a ceremonious "marriage" between senior pastors and congragation. The wives were asked to come on to participate in the appointment. And after the many "I do"s and "We Will"s from congregation and Senior Pastors, we had ourselves a couple of new pastors to pray for.

    Celebrations continued at King of Kings.... Dim Sum..hmmm.. amen.

    Much much more has happened prior to this huge event but the drugs are kicking in and I know not where to start. So instead I will talk about significant people who came back this holiday period, in the hope that those not mentioned will also understand they they too are significant but I hadn't had the opportunity to hang out with them much.

    Marlbro Man Dan with a Tan, Nate and myself started off a few weeks ago with a little get together prayer at the Haven and The Hulk's adventures took off. Them man who kept telling us how much he missed 180, missed the only 180 he could have attended during his short stay at home. Why pray tell? Because he promised someone he would play cricket instead... anyhow, there were tons of other hang out events and he told me that he was well happy about the relationship building that happened back at home.. but the man was missing the UK when he left.. funny that. He also got to check out Uncle Joe play at Amnesia and caught some of the SNA Anniversairy. Well, needless to say, I was very blessed by the old boy's visit seeimg him so much lately he's hard to live without. Something else I noticed about his growth - he is now an evangelizing machine!! Rock on Bro!!!

    Two words: Harlem Shake. Yep Yep, I spent plenty of time with our man J. Even got to have Christmas Dinner with his folks. New years eve was exactly the same as last year. Thirst, Hang, Party at InEx, Freeze on Lookout point, catch a cold. I have a friend who has a birthday on the 3rd and I am sick and have to go home early every year. Aiya, when will the bug die????? Anyhow, much learned from brother J and much shopping done too for that matter. Bless his cotton socks.

    The man who thought he lost his ID card. I donno about you guys but Jason Fang knows a lot of stuff. He thinks its useless stuff, but I can tell you the man knows amazingly interesting stuff. This guy has a heart of Gold and is extremely generous about it. We hung out a wee bit whilst he was here but if there is any role model for a caring heart, this guy is it. THIS GUY!!! He played a tune at Thirst this New Years Eve and was smashing.

    Rainbow and Dan came and went at relatively the same time. We didn't spend too much hang out time together but were able to become freinds as things were a wee bit rough when we first met. Apparently I was cocky to her and she got mad and I thought she was cockey etc.. anyhow, I am now a christian and we both got that crap sorted and she is a very lovely person.

    The Laus
    Aren't the Lau siblings great??? I think so. Alison tried her best in getting her brother to most church events. Tell you what, Jon is cool dude and has a heart like a christian. Went through a little knee surgery earlier but didn't stop him from going to SNA Anniversairy, and then to church the next day. Pity Josh wasnt here coz they hung out tons when Jon was in town.

    Alison, is not only a great tall lanky dancer girl, she has amazing talent and played a couple of tunes for us eager audience members. Ali and Renee did an amazing Enter the Woship Cirlce piece who's name eludes me due to copious consumption of Coltalin Cold and Flu. Rock on Girl!!

    As soon as Lizee finds me important enough to converse with, I will tell you more... no no... Liz has been busy as but she did manage to turn up to both SNA Anni and Thirst late coz she got off a plane and went straight there.. how's that for commitment.

    Bonnie Poon
    Much has to be said about Jason, Bonnie and myself as the three mousketeers but I will spare the details and post a pic when I get them. We all have our superhero poses for you to admire!!! My couple weeks off work enabled much time for me to hang out with the girl. She rocks!!! Have you noticed the so many people rock!!!!

    Renzie and Jenzie
    You girls rock..

    Right, so instead of telling you what went on, I have told you about a hole bunch of people you already know. and how much they rock!! Ok attempt number 2:

    Christmas was a particularly amazing time for me this year. Firstly, my mother has made a deeper commitment to God and is recognising the amazing blessings He is pouring into our family. Her attitude has changed and things with my father are well good. Its like she feels like she has another shot at life and I can only tell you that as a son (perhaps an over protective one) this is AWSOME.

    Christmas Day Service found the Vine in the smaller room. Most of the SNAers and 180ers sat on the floor in front. My mother seemed to think that I was still 10 and gave me a nice teddy bear which sat comfortable on stage throughout service. JennJen who adorably gave me a minimonkey (hint hint I know) and my mother must have had something planned as later on I discovered that it want 10 that they thought I was but 5.

    I still have to tell you all about Soiree de Noel, Christmas and New Year's.. but I am going to continue to enjoy the affects of drugs and tell you all about it later.

    Love you all.