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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Wednesday, December 03, 2003

    Many apologies for my absence, many factors are responsible for my lack of updates but I shall try and do my best in the hope that you all who have pelted me with phone calls and messages would be quite satisfied.

    Some pictures for Obidiah - CD release soon

    Monday after I arrived at the Haven, I went to play basketball with Derek, Cliff and Ephraim. I tell you, I missed sport but I didn't miss basketball that much. It reminds me just how short I really am. Mugsy Bogues... respect man!

    I was back to work last Tuesday and was face to face with a huge backlog. The world really stands still when you don't do anything in the office. So I have been working on getting Japanese Sales Managers and Malay Directors of Sales into my excel spreadsheet.

    On Wednesday, I was asked to give a bible study at Elim church's young adults group. It was awsome and I ended up speaking for 3 and a half hours.

    Thursday, I was back on the rugby pitch in training and generally going wild.

    Friday, I had dinner with Leslie Wong, who I am sure none of you have any news from. She is doing well and settling in at her new job. A lawyer in training she is now and has to work Saturdays which means we see her less and less at 180.

    Saturday morning I went to an exhibit at the Hk History Museum in TST as they had an exposee on the impact of foreign educated chinese. It was firly interesting for about 3 minutes but I was with a couple friends and was able to squeeze in some evangelistic talk between pictures and momentos.

    Saturday afternoon, I played some rugby and was yellow carded for punching an innocent punter, punching someone in the balls and biting someone's leg. Arrived at 180 late, rehearsal for the Christmas play and went home to repent.

    Sunday after church I had lunch with me mum, linnet , my great aunt and aunt from Mauritius. My great aunt has bells paulsey (half her head is paralized) and had undergone treatment in China. She used to be fairly healthy and was the most educated amongst my grandmothers family and seeing her again shocked me as she looked frail and very disheartened. My aunt, who is one of the most awsome speed windsurfers I know had aged and tried to keep a brave face but she must have looked 10 years older than when I last saw her 2 years ago. My mother looked rather bouncy and brought them to church where they received prayer from John and Sandra. It was a very new experience for them as Mauritius is rather Catholic and very closed. Lunch was good and as usual, I had one too many Siu Mais and Chicken Feet (yum).

    I spent the next hour after lunch looking for a new computer for my mum. And for what she needed, nothing was very appealing that I would pay 9000 dollars for. So I did a wee cheeky thing and I bought myself one and gave her my old Sony, which is still a very good computer. I got the new Samsung X10 which is thin and light, unfortunately, it has given me more problems than anything else.... Sony still rules I guarantee it.

    The latter part of the afternoon was spent reading the paper and a couple books on spiritual warfare. Derek strolled over and we spent half an hour trying to muster some people to go and watch Underworld... basically Mad Max meets Interview with a Vampire.... don't bother. Poulet (Karen Chan), Derek, Janice and Myself then hauled over to Hard Rock in TST to catch Uncle Joe play for just over 15 people. I was glad I was there to support them, it must have been difficult for them to play to a dead crowed... or non existent one. Just think... all of you overseas are just dying to see them in concert and everyone in HK too busy playing 15/20 and chatting up barmaids... aiyyaaa....

    Personally, there have been new challenges for me in the area of service. Andrew and Christine have hoped, for a while that they could step down from leading our cell group and receiving rather than give. But numbers have been low and no one has stepped up. I know that it would suck to have to disban and go into other cells so we discussed the possibility to have it at the haven. I have volunteered to be the number 2 and we only need a number 1 to lead it. So a huge prayer request to all of you out there. I hope that when you come back, Bonnie, Anna, Sherie, RR-Hondah, that there will still be a plus to go to.

    I have also been challenged to go deeper into understanding another side of counselling that I am somewhat unfamilliar with and so I have gone into study. This explains the lack of updating. I stil have tons I wanna tell you all about and how much my trip has woken me up to things I did not know existed outside of my Christian walk in HK. But I will save this for another day.

    In terms of health, the results of the blood test came back and it tested negative for everything bad... thanks for all your prayers, apparently I just produce a lot of heat. The breathing issues were due to some sort of allergy which stuffed up my sinuses, am taking a single pill once before bed and that has rapidly improved the situation.

    I have tons of amazing pics of UK and France I have to scan and post. Some pics make Dan look like the front man of a new and improved Obidiah. Katie and Mark naturally look like rock stars. Some nice pics of the louvre as well.

    I am excited about all of you guys coming back. There is so much to share and so much to learn from everyone and their experiences. Don't forget the Soiree de Noel (180 Christmas Party) on the 20th.


    One last thing.. and this is people specific: I have read most of your blogs recently, some are in fine shape, others struggling a bit...... God has placed us in our respective environments for many reasons not only one. Sometimes, we have fun and fellowship. We learn and have fun. We are filled with the joy of the holy spirit every day with people who seek God. Sometimes, we find ourselves telling other christians that there is more to salvation than what they have and we introduce them to the blessings of service, the holy spirit, deeper prayer, repentence, anointings... from what I have seen, 180 and The Vine is an action oriented chuch. So the fruits of this is action oriented members who have the hearts to serve - YOU. I look back over the past 4 years and the rather dreadful places I have been. Then I remember distinctly when I first visited 180, I came up with Darran and we had drank a little, all I remember was I was dying to take the mick out of everyone there, the adamant aethiest I was at the time... 3 years later, here I am, blessed by mini 180s in Wales and by people like you, people who made it possible.

    All of you contribute to my life and I receive so many blessings from just a simple phone call. And this I can honestly say. No matter where you are out there, I know you wanna be back home amongst the people you have made your home. And as you count your blessings for knowing us. We too count our blessings for knowing you.