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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Tuesday, November 18, 2003

    I have just walked around Oxford Street and purchased the many items on the shopping lists some of you had given me. I tell you, to find Botanics: Treat Yourself Right Oil Carrier 100ml is an extremely painful experience. Boots never got a more clueless client.

    I am now at the Virgin Megastore and working a little before I meet up with Nick Tse and Andy Yu from primary school. London is tons exciting and I had lunch with my mate Eric Tan from CIS and walking across Oxford Street, bumped, simultaneously into Alia Bokhari, her sister, wah.. hadn't seen them in 3 years and coming from behind, Kevin Chan called my name. There I was in the middle of London with Eric (not seen for 7 years) Alia (not seen for 2 years) and Kevin (not seen for 1 year) in london, after I had only arrived from Leeds 45 minutes before, all of which will be in Hong Kong in Christmas. Amen to a small small world. Is God telling me something? I think so.

    Lets go back to the exciting adventures in Wales since I know you all are dying to know what happened in the end.


    Friday 14th November... continuation

    To clear things up, Mark and I collectively decided to post a notice that Daniel James Burge passed his driving test after three consecutive tries. We only did so because the fact that we both wrote our blogs whilst he was in the room would be a good laugh when he found out later on what we had written. Dan Burge passed his driving exam on his first go. WELL DONE DAN!!!

    As the adventure unveils, you will see a pattern Mark, Katie and I play throughout the trip.... be curious, be very curious.

    We moseied on down to the sitting room at Mark and Uncle DaiChopStix' lovely house and Mark brought down his laptop. Since we all had decided to give him some poopoo because of his inability to update, he decided he will post some pics of the night before. As we browsed through some pics and watched the various 180 videos, we also fellowshipped and sang some worship whilst an NTSC version of X-Men 2 was playing on a PAL TV.

    Uncle DaiChopStix was in the Kitchen preparing our major feast of Duck, CharSiu, Veg, Soup, Skate and Steamed Egg... wow... so amazingly good. He knew that Katie was on her way, so did Carolyn, the Anglican Priest that came over to witness the mazing work of The Well. WE WERE ALL IN ON IT!!!!!!! aaaahhhhahahahahahhahahah....

    After a while, Mark was going in and out of the room a little distracted and then about 9ish said he was off to the toilet. Uncle Tony came in and told Dan that his siter from Manchester was on her way in and Mark was gonna pick her up. So I kept Dan occupied. We listened to some Whence He Came and Uncle Joe and I got some footage to Dan rocking to Dreams. I did hear the car pull up so I got Dan to rock some more. Mark then came in and said, ''Dan, we are gonna be really messy tonight, do you have a spare shirt to wear so that one doesn't get dirty''... it was so hard trying to keep my laughter in, really Mark, of all the things you could have come up with... but Dan fell for it. We went upsairs and mark tossed me a shirt, I thought Katie was in the bathroom so I said, ''I'll change in the room'' Dan said, so will I. I was thinking ''Dooohh'' but he walked in and switched on the light to find one Katie Stephens sitting on his bed... please imagine Dan's voice..''You guys!!! You guys suck... i am gonna kill you guys... man, you guys are gonna get it... etc etc... '' even the Anglican Priest was laughing.

    So when Dan got over it (which he didn't) we set up dinner and had our feast. Katie said a very amazing thing on Sunday before we went our separate ways.... ''Wah I cam down for fellowship but instead I got fed...'' ladies and gents reading this blog, be jealous, be very jealous, we ate like Kings and Princesses (Katie).

    After dinner we cleaned up and you know we really suck at washing up. What should have taken 20 mins took us a whole hour, but it was only because we were chatting and stopping to say ''I can't believe we're all here''.

    When the washing was done, we fellowshipped. We talked about what was going on in each of our lives and how our walk was going. I can tell you, God has really done amazing work in these three.Knowing what they were doing and where they were going was so inspiring that I wanna ask John and Tony if I can have a 5 minute slot at church to talk about what I have learned.

    We lasted till about 5 then we all went to our respective resting places. I shared a room with Dan and although we were knackered, we still chatted for abother 45 minutes or so beofre we started our snoring symphony number 3. Man it was so good to have a 180 overseas.