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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Friday, November 14, 2003

    Greetings from Newport, Wales. After having travelled 13 hours and watching a very bad Tomb Raider 2, I arriva at Heathrow at 5am, spent one and half hours at a Starucks waiting for the next bus into Wales, sat on the bus for 3 and a half hours I see Mark pull up in his red Proton at a bit past 10.

    We rocked onto his place and chilled out majorly with his pops, DaiChopSticks. Then we spent a large amount of time looking for an XXS Welsh rugby jersey for Nate. We then strolled into a live show Cardiff had for a ceremony to turn on the Christmas lights where we bounced to the wondefule tunes of Superbrass and Jemeliah (some brit singer). Met the HULK and chilled out at Starbucks for a bit. Mate, I can tell you that it was like having a wee gathering in Causeway Bay but the conversation revolved around how much the boys missed HK and how much UK sucked. I donno about how much I really want to report to you guys about their ins and outs right now but here's a brief low-down:

    Dan: Hates the Brittinsh cold weather above everything else. He misses HK and all the awsome people. He misses the fellowship but, and please take note, HE PASSED HIS DRIVING EXAM (on his third attempt.. but that's ok.. we still love him) and is pleading with us to go car shopping with him... as if Dan, i didn;t come all the way to Wales to go car shopping.. you better ask him what type of car he wants to get. He'll be back for three weeks in Christmas. Dan is also gonna find out more about Baptisms when he is back in HK.... amen.

    Mark: Also misses HK and has decided he wants to base himself there after Uni. Good on ya Mark. Struggling a wee bit with his current church but from what I understand, some things are beginning to happen there and I hve decided to stay another day and get Katie Stephens down to Newport to help out with his worship workshop on Saturday. Should be funny, me leading worship the way it shouldn't be with Katie on guitar... donno... will show pics when they get here. Good Mark has decided that his fill was large enough from his 18 months in HK and that he will pour out into others. He is with a predominantly chinese church a the moment and serving as best he can. He and I have talked about it and we will pray about him starting a 180 Cardiff here. If anything, this is what the youth at his church is longing for so we need to super pray fo that guy.

    Spending time with the boys is so good. telling them the amazing things that are happening at home and with the Vine. Them sharing what's up with them and keeping accountable.

    Spending time with Tony Nam has also been a great blessing. A large part of why I have asked Katie down to here and why I have turned up is because Tony and the Well Centre are having a Gig. In the past 18 months their healing ministry has increasedits hit rate to 85% and I am staying to see Gods glory in that room. Amen amen to that.

    Mark and I stayed in today. The weather has been dreadful. I woke up at about 9ish this morning and spent most of the am speaking with Tony. He told me the fundementals of the healing ministry here and a bit about his past and future. It was awsome for me because there is much to learn from this ministry that I can apply in my call for counselling. Mark atrolled down about half 10 and we had a bit of breaky. We then started talking about what Mark would talk about in his worship workshop, when started jamming and woshipping with Tony joining in, we also sampled some of his original songs and worked on some lyrics together. Tony then prayed for me, and I tell you, how wonderful it is to be in the presence of God, so remarkably relaxing... it was good.

    We have just convinced Dan that Katie is not coming tonight, I wait to see the look on his face when she turns up at about 9.

    love you all.