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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Thursday, November 06, 2003

    All those who know God's faithfullness, can I hear an Amen?

    Some of you may know that my mum went to France for surgery on her back. Her birthday was yesterday and the doctor's procedure of microsurgery to kill a nerve caught between ruptured disks has been very successful. So much so that she and my dad found a church to thank God 2 hours after surgery. She thanks everyone for their prayers and care. Looks like I can look forward to my own surgery in January sometime.

    I have had the fortune to witness God's faithfulness day after day, week after week at The Vine. The sermons are getting more and more powerful. The people are seeking Him more and more. We have had Baptisms, Hillsong Passionate for Our City, Worship Workshops, City Wide Renewal, Brothers in Arms, Soul Sisters, Revolve, Plus and an increase in serious numbers. More and more people are coming up for prayer. 180 had gone on a picnic, Bob is giving amazing sermons, Youth on Fire was amazing.

    Few people read my blog, perhaps because of the lack of updates. I have dedicated my week to staying at home. Of the three nights off a week, I have managed to not book two of them.. quite good I must say. Between, work, rugby, watching rugby, and catching up with friends and planning holidays I can tell you that there is little time left to sit in front of the computer. As I type away and read the centennial of the South China Morning Post, I am taken aback by how much life has changed. For this, I am glad.

    I have no direction with what I am writing and it does not look like I will find direction any time soon so here's my schedule for my trip

    >Wednesday 12 Nov 23:45 Dep HKG - LON Arrival 05:25 Thursday 13 Nov
    >Thursday morning LON - CARDIFF by train
    >Friday night/Sat morning CARDIFF - Manchester by train
    >Saturday evening MAN - LEEDS/HARROGATE by train
    >Sunday afternoon LEEDS/HARROGATE - LON by train
    >Tuesday 18th Nov 10:40 Dep LON - PARIS Arrival 11:50
    >Sunday 23rd Nov 17:40 Dep PARIS - HKG Arrival 17:35 via London.

    Needless to say, there will be no updates from me for a while but I will see Dan, Mark and Katie whilst trying to fit in Lolly's shoping. I plan on having lots of poetry written by the time I come back.

    not late but sleepy now.... love you all.