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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Tuesday, October 21, 2003

    Unfortunately, Ann had to rush off early so I did not have time to make the crepes, and I thought the chocolate sauce was pushing it so we had:

    Roast Chicken Thighs stuffed with Sweet Peas, Zuccini and Mushrooms with a Grape Sauce

    Stewed peaches with Almond Haagen Dazs

    Of all the things that could possibly happen, I eventually had to use matches for the stove and strips of tin foil coz I ran out!! Amongst having a conference call whilst slighly carbonizing the sweet peas.

    Must find time to write about Sunday's life-changing sermon... or you download it yourselves, and have your lives changed.

    RR-Hondah is now trekking through Nepal lovin it! it will be some time yet before we can see the over-chewed food in her mouth, but here's a picture for you all to be reminded. ta RR-honda!! Please don't ask how I can get me face to do these things, I have consoled myself over the yers by telling me that its a gift.