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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Friday, October 17, 2003

    Its been a good week. After, what I can call a retreat in Shanghai, I have come home to a clearer direction.

    Earlier this year, there was talk in the company that they would send me off to NY or Sydney for training. After the events that took place last week, HVS International has decided that my age is no longer a hinderance to my performance in Executive search, restructured my compensation plan and given me a raise. I was also given to manage in all of Asia and am continuing with the compensation consulancy side of the business.

    Today was awsome as the signature was put on the very first contract that I found, worked on and completed. The candidate and I had a two-hour lunch and talked, on a large scale about the Lord's blessings. She was very interested in my walk with God and so I shared. How wonderful it is to mix work with evangelism!! I will now give thanks to the lord for his direction and blessings, post the contracts to Singapore and wait for my 56 thousand dollar cheque.

    In these past weeks, I have found my place, it is and will be Hong Kong. I will not be going to New York any time soon nor will I be working in Australia, but good old Hong Kong. So I begin to set up base camp here and welcome you all to my place of rest.