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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Sunday, October 19, 2003

    Its been a crazy crazy weekend. Starting with Thursday, as usual (you know my weekends are longer than my work-weeks), Dave Chung and I caught up with a little City Super after rugby. Stupidly, I trained with the big boys and managed to forget that I was injured, tackling some of the team wearning some of the biggest beer bellies I have had the privilege to tackle. Anyhow, we had an awsome conversation over dinner where we discussed why it is anyone would ever consider falling away from the Lord!!

    It sent a tremendous warmth to me heart. In careful reflection of the past few months, I am still smiling to the fact that so many of us have seen our paths out of the deep end. Personally, I am singing Marvin Gaye... Ain't no mountain High, ain't no valley low ain't no river wide enough, to top it off with Curtis Mayfield, Move on Up!! I can tell you that I have never been so happy, ever in my life.

    Friday, you can read below, was huge for me. What I didn’t mention was meeting up with Johann who flew in from Vancouver, Yoyo, Ben and I caught a Haagen Daz at Jenny Cheng’s who gave us the down low on her recent trip to some god forsaken place in Canada. That evening, meeting up with some of the boys for some grub and prayer, we had some awesome chill out time at Victoria Park and prayed in the middle of the football grounds, whilst some expat team swore their heard off in the background. We then caught Kill Bill… three words: wait for VCD. Then off to my friend Malani’s birthday bask at Bamboo Bar in Lan Kwai. Had tons of fun coz it is rare that I am the youngest one around, and I made sure everyone knew it. I reckon I know the whole population of Indian bankers/lawyers in HK now. Strolling back home at about 4, I felt well happy.

    Saturday, I watched the second half of Bend it Like Beckham (coz we only covered the first half at HKU SPACE) whilst cooking lunch. Set me straight into the mood for the 180 picnic. It was such a beautiful day and we played some massively cool games. Chilling out till the sun went down, I raced to Football Club to catch my old team (HKFC Dragons) cream Causeway Bay and then onto South Africa's appalling answer to the English rugby side. Raced off, once again to meet up with Nate, Amy and Steve to play cards at home. Silly as it is, I played “Go Fish” for the first time, what a game to challenge your pride and anger!!

    Andrew Gardener was well used as God’s mouthpiece on Sunday. But more of that later, a quick note just doesn’t do that sermon justice.