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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Friday, October 10, 2003

    Besides having to describe the awsome time I had last wednesday when I went to Stanley, had a barbee with some mates in Causway Bay, went to watch Dai Chek Lo (no Bonnie, not big naked), caught up with Kim, went to Uncle Joe at HKU, cought the international firework competition and had dinner with RRRR-Honda and Ashleigh, I have to tell you about last Friday when I had a day of prayer and fasting, died my hair blond, tried to watch Mo Gan Do 2 but did not have tickets, ended up breaking our fast anyway with Poulet (Karen) and Nate.

    On top of that, I have to tel you about Saturday, when I had to die my hair black, City Wide Renewal, Thai Food with Abbie and Styfhahn, and blowling with Nate, Cliff, Sarah, Amy, Abbie and Stephayn.

    Coz on Sunday we had the baptisms where The Dance Team did their thing before the testimonials. The bus ride over to Repuse Bay, Davina, Shirley, Cleo and Richard, Rebecca and someone else got baptised. Metting James Choy after 7 years, taking photos, playing ultimate frizbee, swimming in fragrant water, pop flips with RR-Honda, hanging out with peeps at Joanne's house, getting to know Joanne's dad, going for dinner at PP and catching some fireworks.

    Because then I can tell you that on Monday, Sandy cancelled on me so I went to Times Square after lunch and bumped into Elizebeth from CIS and was able to share God's goodness. Tuesday, I met up with Michelle for lunch and was able to answer some of her questions she had on faith. Tuesday night hung out with Arther and Sandy at the Haven and they had several questions about Jesus.

    Wednesday, getting a call from my mate Gael coz Julia went into labour, going to the hospital on a visit, then left coz I had a meeting with Four Seasons, met with the company parters and had a meeting with Carlson Worldwide (the own Radisson, Regent, TGI Friday's , Wagonlit etc...), dinner cancelled so had dinner with Sandy and Janice, but before went to Elim and bout the most amazing bible I had ever seen for Sandy. Had dinner, talked about faith again as Janice was interested and Sandy read her new bible, Arther joined us later as the discussion continued till late.

    Thursday, going to the Hotel Investment Conference and meeting with some real key players. Getting to know people in the market and companies, I was approached a few times from people who wantt o recruit me a few hours after I met them. I was shocked and also had a better understanding on how good my company is and how valued it is in the market. During which time, Julia gave birth to Samuel Etienne Montouchet at 10:00 am (she went in at 5am) trying to get to the hospital, was not allowed in because the threat of SARS seems to dimminish from 12:00-13:00. Meeting Hubert in our Singapore ofice and discovered that we went to school together in FIS and he actually knows the new father, Gael, caught a few of the investment talks, sold and signed a new contract, left the conference after a HVS meeting with 5 rep offices, seeing Joel and his band play at Intercontinental (they are such a good Jazz band!!), had dinner with Gail Lee at 2 Sardines (my favourite resto), meeting up with Sandy and Janice again and hung out at the Haven, Ben and SUki joined us before I crashed.

    To today, where I was included in many of the conference activities, sent people off, and am writing this before I head to the hospital to finally see the new born baby before I give a lecture at HKU Space in Wanchai on Sports Psycology, to meet some CISers for Sandy's farewell before I leave for Shanghai tomorrow.

    Bless you all, hope you are loving it as I am.