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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Monday, September 22, 2003

    The weekend was mad. Anyone been sick and had to dance, MC and cook a barbee for 15 people? Yep, me dids it all!!

    Sunday Uncle Joe's release party was awsome. I have to hand it to them, they are by far the best band that ever walked the planet. Arrived at the Vine Office at 4:30pm and took the CDs and Tshirts down to Queens Disco, to find that Rocky (the manager) has decided he would let us wait for an hour. Se we waited in the rain, everyone shaking their heads frantically but trying to stop Rocky's performance from affecting what will become THE RELEASE PARTY!! Anyhow, after an hour, one of his minions turns up with the keys and we quickly set up. By 6, there was a queue of about 120 at the door and Cliff was doing a good job keeping the fans at bay.

    Whence He Came got on for their segment, they were stressing out too coz their drummer was a tad late. The fans waited outside until about 6:45. The CDs were being redeemed and T-shirts were being sold like hotcakes. Then... UNCLE JOE. I donno.. words cannot express how awsome their performance was but everyone was up in hysterics and the whole place was packed. Made a grown man cry, luckily I am just a boy.. hah! Kids were jumping up and down in front and us in the back pointed and laughed. But all of us at the store counter had the largest smiles on our faces coz we knew the true meaning behind the lyrics. The performance was tight.

    Still sick, we hauled all the equipment down from the stage to the trucks.

    Woke up yesterday but couldn't get up. Man, I tell you there is nothing worse than being so sick you cannot even work. And you know that its just going to pile up.

    Reveiwing what I wrote today, I have to really work on my writing style. I have to also update you on everything I was supposed to but for Cebu, you can go to Mui's blog and she has a really good account of everything. Have a great day.