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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Friday, September 19, 2003

    I spent last night scanning all the pictures from Australia and Cebu and re-cropping some so that they would fit onto this blog. At about 4am I was feeling a wee bit tired with white spots botching out my eyesight. Now that I have discovered that webshots is not too good and imagestation is maafan, and no one knows that my blog is back up with a humungous number of pics on it, I have a dilemma of doing my work or telling all of you that this is back up.

    Busy day tomorrow. I am interviewing a candidate in the morning, followed by Revolve, followed by quick lunch with a uni friend passing through, prayer, 180 set up, MCing at 180, Dance at 180, then hauling over to Bethany's for a barbeque. All this and I have 2 reports to write tonight. Dilemma = Work now, sleep later or work later sleep now???? Decisions...decisions.

    Excited because my god sister Linnet not only had her life changed through the mission trip, but is also sharing her testimony. Excited because I got to share whilst playing rugby and Tom will be visiting us tomorrow. More excited because Uncle Joe is releasing their long awaited album. When I will have time to tell you all about Japan and Cebu, I have no Idea. In any case, love goes out to Dan, Katie Stephens, Mark Nam, and the rest of you who had to go back.