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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Tuesday, September 30, 2003

    As usual, this week has been as busy as it can get. Not particularly with work, but with everything else. I reckon I topped the number of things I could fit into a single day this past Saturday, yep, topped it over last Sunday.

    Visited SNA after 180 as we had a "Scandelous" dance we did with the kids. We are doing it again on Sunday at church. SNA is tons different from anything I thought it was. It is really nice and the kids still are inquisitive about everything, not yet to the stage where they assume they know it all. Perhaps these kids are pleasantly different from what i am accustomed to. Janice remarked this morning, on our way to the MTR, that she taught a buch of year 7s yesterday about peer pressure and touched on the subject of wanting to look and dress to impressed. Blankly they stared back at her and said, "We don't do that" and this was FIS!! Looking back, i donno if any of us dressed to impress in year 7 back in FIS, Ben, Nick.. confirmation please. I still remember wearning naf white tennis shorts with the overlapping button to PE, and mum dressed me to some extent. But when I got to CIS, kids of all ages were raving on about, well, I guess it was Stussy, Quicksilver, Levis' and the likes especially the wee little ones who try their best to shoot the ball into the basket but never made it close to the rim. Having said that, I am glad that simple kids still roam our compicated lands.

    I then hauled Katie Stephens' djembe, which by the way is one very amazing instrument, back to my place, took a shower, because, by way of supernormal catalysts my person began its smelling like lillies, roses and some form of botanical patch that had decided to die and pong. Anyhow, smelling very much like dettol shower gel, headed off to Amy and Sarah's new place in Sai Ying Pun (Everyone say WESTSIDE) where we had some lovely deep-fried Wontons and pizza. Fion lost some sort of game and via Christian Yang who had not say in anything whatsoever with the mere possession of a big mouth, she had to go down to the gound level to the basketball court and football ground and ask someone for 5 dollars. She did it!! what a trooper, came back up and for proof, and went back down to return it. Then Mandy, Cece and Fion (yet again) collectively lost and had to do ballet twirls for us to see from the window. I have to hand it to them, they went to the farthest place on the football ground, behind the goalkeeper and did some, what can be considered, of the ugliest ballet twirls someone could possibly observe from the 20th floor. Naturally, we all thought it was wonderful and marvelous.

    they came back, not as embarrassed as expected, something tells me they really enjoyed that.


    This game is so amazing, I am dedicating time to describe it to you.

    The Amy Game, sorry, THE AMAZING AMY GAME goes like this: there are two teams and tons of bits of paper. One team is responsible for writing down "Why?" questions, the other team is responsible for writing down "because" answers. Qs and As are completely random. Things like, "Why is Italy in Europe" or, Nate's favourite, "Why is Nate so good looking?", and because answers like, "Because we are at Amy and Sara's housewarming", "because Oranges are called oranges because they are orange". You get the idea... hold that thought more later

    OK.... you may not know it, but it is now a few days from when I last wrote. But write I must because it is about THE AMAZING AMY GAME!!!! So, each team swaps their bags of bits of paper and the team with the questions pulls out a random piece of paper and asks, which is followed by a random answer. Woh! I can tell you, it was amazing. More amazing than Fion going down to the football ground to ask some innocent punter for a 5 buck coin, better than any ballet twirls, I tell you it was amazing. We had some silly matchings which made no sense. Then the fun began... Question: Why is Hong Kong in Japan? Answer: Because no one really knows it but Bill Gates actually rules the world!!! Question: Why is this paper green? Answer: Because Fion is wasting paper. And a few funny ones, "Why is it only woman for man, and not woman for woman and man for man?", "Because we were in a hurry". Then after a few eye-openers, it was Cliff's turn, everyone in anticipation for the question to come out, the paper read, "Why is it so quiet?" we all freaked out coz we really were quiet, I was going spaz, everyone was affirming eachother that that was so cool and wierd at the same time, and quite contrary to her "I cannot be bothered" look, Ashleigh's eyes were streched open like suffocating goldfish, as she read her answer........ "Because it is not yet time to answer". Then everyone freaked out again. The best, and those who were there can confirm, was when Mandy who was sitting next to me, pulled out a bit of yellow paper with etchings on it, blushed and read, half trying to hold back her embarassed giggles, "Why is Mandy still single?".................................the answer dear friends is, "Because God had made it this way". We all behaved like zoo monkeys at feeding time and redefined the meaning of Spastic!! Spastic was indeed what we were. The opposite team seemed to have relationship matters especially with marriage. Nate seemed also to have an obsession about asking people why he was so good looking. After the second round of THE AMAZING AMY GAME, we finished off the Wontons (aka Whontonnes, thanks Amy) that were oh so delish, prayed over their lovely house, cleaned up and headed home. What a fine evening that was. What a fine way to end a very fulfilling day.