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    Notes from THE HAVEN
    Wednesday, February 26, 2003

    Last night was a small turn up. Big thanks to Alice for last minute organisation and determination. Without her, home group would have been cancelled.

    We had an interesting discussion last night on where we want to take cwb2 (Causeway Bay 2). Since many of the regulars have moved on to newer pastures, the numbers have diminished. Alison, Alice, Poly and I had come up with the following results:

    1. The cell group is a place to receive
    2. The cell group is a place to practice and use our spiritual gifts
    3. The cell group is an evangelistic tool

    In essence, we talked about how Carrina and Linda wish for us to become leaders and give us the maximum encouragement to do what we have a heart for. Some have a heart to lead worship, some have the heart to give a teaching. We discussed whether we should take on a more structured and organized form for the home group, actually scheduling people to speak and when. This came in conflict with the fact that if one does not have the conviction to teach or lead worship, then scheduling things well in advance may not be the proper way to go about doing things. What we can do is have series to follow. For example, if for one series, we follow the book of Romans, and the next series on healing .. you get the picture.

    As a result of the discussion, we have come to the conclusion that we have to make extra evangelistic efforts and seek to expand the kingdom of God using Home Group as our base tool. We also talked about commitment and worship. With our worship leader back home, there has been discussion over buying a keyboard so Poly can lead. Poly confirms that she will be attending regularly. What do you all think?

    Worship was still amazing, though we sang some songs without music, because we were so few, we put on a CD and just followed songs for half an hour, we had no lyrics and we let God pour himself into us. I don’t think I have screamed louder in such a small room. It was so good, everyone was cheering on each other.

    The teaching was on Matthew 9:12-13 and covered the topics of Punishment, Compassion, Mercy and Grace. I will write up the notes in my next blog.